1981 Will & Betty Harris Family Christmas Letter

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Dear Ones All:

           Mother Nature has once again demonstrated her superiority, so on this day when my world is immobilized by an ice storm, and there isn’t even any mail delivery, I’m sending my thoughts your way happily anticipating our annual exchange.

           This year has been for me basically an extension of last, with the activities of District and State United Methodist Women heading my list.  I have done quite a bit of traveling around the state, meeting with lots of interesting people, sharing ideas. 

           Here in River Falls I’ve undertaken to help in the tutoring of a young Laotain couple who have moved into the area.  It’s both a frustrating and rewarding experience, but dull it isn’t!  

           Last spring I was introduced to the process of carding and spinning wool.  At first I found it tedious, but soon came to acknowledge it as a relaxing and satisfying pastime.  So now I’m in the market for a spinning wheel.  Oak Studio is still in operation, though the production is sporadic.  I greatly enjoy weaving when time is available.  I take orders and do some experimenting on my own. 

           In the family department, exciting news!  Merry and Jon adopted two little daughters last spring.  Paula Elizabeth, 3 and Shawna Lorraine, 6.  Now they feel their family is complete for sure.  Most of my family were home last summer for a too short visit, but I did get all six grandchildren under my roof.  It was a jolly time.  I’ll be heading west again before you get this letter for my annual “grandmothering” tour.  As I contemplate this I’m inclined to agree with Maggie Kuhns of the Grey Panthers that growing old is not a disaster, it’s an accomplishment.  

            In these uncertain times, when our values systems are in question, when the poor must become poorer so that our nation can become more “secure” I can’t help thinking that the arms race is not what God had in mind with the message of Peace on Earth.   

            In response to someone who said to him, “I hope the Lord is on our side”, Abraham Lincoln replied, “That is not important.  It is my constant prayer that we are on the Lord’s side.”  

            May the blessings of the season be yours!

                                     As ever,                                                     Betty


Christmas                                                                      New Year           1981                                                                               1982

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