1992 Will & Betty Harris Family Christmas Letter

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Oak Studio   Elizabeth L. Harris  533 Linden Street River Falls, WI.54022

December, 1992  

Dear Ones All:

FIRST:  Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the joy of having my house full of family and friends lingers on and has overshadowed my Christmas preparations.  A few other “firsts” will be noted. 

The McCain family had a FIRST in the “Dozen Cousins” reunion last June, renewing family ties which had stretched very thin produced many happy memories.  Repeat next year, anyone? 

 Raina Harris, Doug’s oldest, my FIRST granddaughter, moved in with me for her senior year of high school, so I’m a teen-ager’s “mom” again with parent conferences, trips to the orthodontist etc.  It’s refreshing and challenging to be in close touch with the lively world of youth.  We have some stimulating conversations on many topics, ie:  environment, the election, vegetarian diet, and, of course snow shovelling - a “FIRST” for Raina.  

Erik Webb, #1 grandson, became engaged to Laurel Britt this fall.  They both live and work in Chicago - wedding next fall?  Kevin Webb entered North Central College at Naperville IL this year.  Both are closer to me than to their folks in Oregon.  Merry now has just the two girls at home, H.S. freshman, Paula and Junior, Shawna.  Merry’s housemate, Beth, is like family to us all. 

Bruce still lives in Milwaukee.  He makes it “home” to River Falls occasionally via Amtrak, but has many interests and activities which keep him occupied.  

Doug and wife Sissa Nelson are still at their hillside home in northern Calif.  Naham, now a H.S freshman, and Sissa’s Emily and Forest make their life interesting.  They have just completed a major addition to their house, doing it all themselves.  I can’t wait to see it!  

As for me, I keep busy with church and community activities as well as some weaving and design work in OAK Studio when the spirit moves.  My health is good, but although I hate to admit it, I am slowing down a pace.  

I wish for all of you, dear family and friends, Happy Holidays and a rich fulfilling New Year ahead. My love to you, and may God bless.

                                                            Betty McCain Harris  

Grow old with me,  The best is yet to be..... The last, for which the first was made. Youth shows but half, trust God, see all, nor be afraid.

                                                                                - Robert Browning

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