1999 Will & Betty Harris Family Christmas Letter

1999 MERRY CHRISTMAS                    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2000

Dear Family and Friends:

         Greetings from River Falls to my good friends and family ~ coast-to-coast and overseas!               It’s been a year of trips and visits - great fun to see so many of you!  Thanksgiving saw a dozen of the Harris/Webb clan, from both coasts and points in between, together for a festive meal.  Note:  Kevin and Shannon’s new addition, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Webb, just 6 months old.  She also sat at the table in the high chair that was bought for me 86 years ago. (I know I saved it for a reason!)           Bruce and Darlene moved into an apartment complex near me in June.  We get together often.  Jeremy moved to St. Paul and is going to school.            Doug and Sissa are enjoying city living in Clearlake, CA.  I was happy to spend a week with them in Sept.  Sissa’s daughter, Emily, was married to David Milano in a unique ceremony at Lake Tahoe.  Forest is a H.S. Junior, right now sporting a broken leg from a soccer mishap.  It was also good to touch base with Raina and Naham while I was in Calif.              In August my friend Barb de Sousa, missionary in Brazil, head- quartered at my house for a week, which brought several visits from her friends in this area to River Falls.  It was a busy, interesting and too short week.             In June/July Merry was here and together we drove to Illinois for Kaitlins very lovely and unique baptismal ceremony.  Again a “too-short” visit.            Bruce and Darlene were also able to make this trip.  They enjoyed the family gathering and getting acquainted with Shannon’s family too.  At home they spend many hours “on the internet” and enjoy getting and sending messages.  To me it might as well bezwahili, but they fill me in.            We are amazed at the technology that allows them to get words and pictures from overseas.  We were instantly filled in by Mick and Andy on the earthquakes in Turkey and the effectiveness of the ecumenical relief efforts!  It’s magic!!            As for me I continue to like living in my house.  A student roomer helps with yard work and miscellaneous chores.  I don't walk much but still drive my car for shopping and other errands.  I’m involved in some church activities and like to attend Senior non-credit studies at the local University.            I wish you the blessings of the Season and the promise of Hope in Year 2000.                                   With love -  Betty Harris  

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