1979 Will & Betty Harris Family Christmas Letter

December, 1979              314 N. Fremont St. , River Falls,     Wi    54022

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Dear Ones:           This is the time to give visible form to the messages I have been sending out on thought waves all year -- hope you have caught some of them.  In these troubled days the permanence of friendship is treasured more and more.  So, while wishing the exchange would be more frequent, I enjoy this annual ritual, and value the cards and letters I receive along with the many memories they evoke.            My year’s highlights include a trio in March to see family and friends in Oregon and California.  This was sadly my last visit with WIlla, as she died in May at age 87.  Mother Harris still holds her own gamely and lives with one of her daughters in Florida.  She is 95.  In July Merry, Jon, Rosemary and their kids drove together back to Wisconsin, arriving in surprisingly good spirits considering the non-stop journey.  It was a welcome and long awaited visit.  Doug couldn’t leave his job (or the goats) so we didn’t quite have 100%.  Bruce took a few days off from his work at Goodwill Industries in Milwaukee and joined in the fun.  I finally had my four grandchildren together under my roof. 

           In late October I joined a group of United Methodists on a seminar to Wash. D.C., considering the subject of “energy”. It was an intensive, high powered week as we heard from experts on many aspects of this timely topic:  renewable vs. non-renewable sources, and most importantly, the ethical implications of possible solutions which I for one had been only vaguely aware of.  Want more info? I’ve got lots! 

         I continue my connections with the District United Methodist Women and find it a warm and rewarding relationship.  Other times I am busy with my looms or other activities and teach an occasional adult class -- or take one.  Oak Studio keeps open by chance or by appointment and you’re invited to drop by.    

         The complicated international scene gives rise to great anxiety, and an awareness of the interdependence of all nations.  I am thinking of the One Great Renewable Resource on which we should all rely, and how far short we fall of being children of God.  

              Dag Hammersjold said it...:  “In our era the road to holiness                necessarily passes through the world of action.”               and again...:  “Lord, Thine the day, and I the day’s.”  

                                                                       Much love to all, as ever,  

Address until Jan. 25   c/o Jon Webb                                       Betty Harris  4697 E. Evans Ck. Rd. Rogue River, Or. 97537 

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