1980 Will & Betty Harris Family Christmas Letter

Dec. 1980                                                                   Jan. 1981   (Greetings)                                                                (Good Wishes) 


“One way or another we are poised at the edge of forever.”   -Carl Sagar                                  Dec. 1980 * * * 314 N. Fremont St. River Falls, WI.                                                                                                       54022 Dear Ones All:

If my Christmas wreath seems to have a spiral twist, it is because I was watching COSMOS while drawing it and was influenced by the beauty of the star dynasties so exuberantly described by Carl Sagan.  HIs enthusiasm for the universe is contagious. 

My year has been filled with a diversity of activities.  Instead of easing out of my duties with the United Methodist Women on the district level, I have agreed to take a new responsibility which takes somewhat more of my time and energy.  Along with this are correspondingly greater rewards in terms of friendship and opening vistas.  My gain. 

Oak Studio is open whenever I’m home.  There is always warp on the looms and coffee in the pot.  You’re invited to drop in.  Last summer in a weaving workshop I did some work on an 8 harness loom.  Now mine seem inadequate! 

In November I went with a group of United Methodists to New York.  The main event was a seminar on “Approaches to Peace”.  Sessions were held in the Church Center for the United Nations, just across the street from the United Nations.  For four days we held discussions with several peace organizations.  Inevitably they all centered in on the threat of self-destruction connected with the nuclear arms race.  Why is it…….We can think far enough ahead to take advantage of the alignment of the planets which occurs only every 175 years, and send Voyageur l on its timely journey to Saturn and beyond.  Cannot we also think far enough ahead to avoid despoiling our own fragile planet as we seem bent on doing? 

In a few days I will be winging West for my annual refresher course - sharpening up my Grandmothering Skills, which get rusty from disuse over several months.  I’ll have a few short weeks of intensive on-the-job training.

I wish for you and yours the true joy of the season, and a good year ahead.  

                             As ever,                                            Betty Harris

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