1985 Will & Betty Harris Family Christmas Letter

         Season’s Greetings   

December, 1985   

Dear Ones All:

As I consider the beauty and abundance which surrounds me I am truly thankful for the blessings I enjoy here in Wonderful White Wisconsin - even the abundance of snow!  We’ve already had ½ of our yearly quota. 

I went to Orlando in March to join the Harris clan in celebrating Mother Harris’s 100th birthday - a gala occasion.  She is truly a remarkable person who gives joy to everyone around her.  I also spent a few days loafing (!) on the Florida beaches with some of the McCains and swam in the Gulf of Mexico, first time.  On this same trip we visited the Koinonia Farms at Americus, GA and learned more about that dedicated Christian community, visiting a former colleague from my teaching days in Turkey. 

When Merry, Jon and family plus their Japanese exchange student visited me for a month this summer, I quickly regained my quantity buying and cooking skills.  Bruce was also here, so we were dropped by.  Over the shopping carts, the cooking pots, the dining table, the dishpans and the laundry tubs, we had many good visits and lots of time together.  I will visit them and Doug in Oregon and Calif. next spring when Erik (excuse!) graduates from H.S.  Yes this is a new fangled electric machine and I don’t know all its curves yet; probably never will.  A typist I am not! 

My new home suits me very well.  Last summer I took a small flyer into gardening and raised a few vegetables and lots of flowers.  The morning glories I planted by the front porch took over with a veritable cascade of heavenly blue over the front door to my great delight. 

A weaver I still am these days and have quite a few Christmas orders, which I hope to complete in the nick of time.  Bruce will be home for the holidays and we will celebrate with friends here.  Some international students, faculty and refugee residents will no doubt get together for a cooperative meal.

For all of you, dear family and friends, I wish the joys of the season and the peace of God within your hearts.  

                                                                As ever,                                                                              Betty   

                                                                           Elizabeth Harris                                                                            533 Linden St.                                                                        River Falls, WI. 54022

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