1987 Will & Betty Harris Family Christmas Letter

Elizabeth L. Harris  533 Linden St.  River Falls, WI 54022  

Dear Ones All: 

         After a full week of Christmas Concerts, both as listener and participant, I’m finally convinced that the season is upon us.  Time to gather my thoughts and send greetings to family and friends.  Let’s see, what was significant about 1987 now that it’s nearly over?  

         Most recently, Thanksgiving.  My turn to have the McCain family gathering.  It turned into a six day affair with Erik (Evanston), Bruce (Milwaukee), Allison and Mary (Oshkosh) arriving early and staying late.  Mick and family (Rochsester, Molly and family (Waterloo), Leland and Lynette (Shakopee, Mn) were here for one or more days.  We had 13 for dinner on THE day, 9 on Friday, and 7 on Saturday.  Much fun, much food and good visits all around.  Looking back over the year, nothing else seems quite so exciting. 

         In April I had the opportunity to visit with friends and relatives in the San Diego area.  How good it was to see you all and revive some vital memories of years past.  Also in April Bob and Harriet were here for a few days.  I’m so grateful for that memory as Harriet died in October after a valiant struggle with a rare disease.  She is sadly missed by all. 

         During the summer, the Iran-Contra hearings held me spellbound with the revelations of a “national hero” or two we could have done without.  A good show, if only it weren’t for real.  The sequel is yet to follow.  The nuclear arms treaty is a good show too and I pray it is for real.  As I write this, the summit talks are just beginning.  

“SI PACEM VIS- BELLUM PARA” (If you wish peace - prepare for war), the Credo of the Roman legions, has had its chance.  The National Peace Institute suggests a revision:  “SI PACEM PARA” (If you wish peace - prepare for peace.)  

          On a more personal note, I’m still as involved as ever with church and community affairs.  This past week, the Board or our ecumenial Refugee Orientation Center was pleased to present a flag to one of our first refugee families, as they applied for and received their U.S citizenship.  In the past five years over 90 individuals have been “processed” through our Center.  They came from Laos, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Iran and Hungary.  Listening to their stories has been a sobering experience. 

           OAK Studio continues on an on-again off-again basis.  I keep the looms threaded and ready for action as time and inspiration permit.  Last winter in Oregon I acquired another 4-harness floor loom which I left in Merry and Jon’s spacious living room.  So you see I have established “Studio West”!  On December 15 Bruce and I will head for Medrord and a month of festivities with the west-coast contingent of the family.   

I wish for all the joys of this blessed season,  

                                      As ever, Love and God Bless.


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