1993 Will & Betty Harris Family Christmas Letter

Oak Studio Elizabeth L. Harris 533 Linden Street River Falls, WI. 54022  

Dear Family and Friends:

Delayed Greetings for Christmas, 1993 and a Happy New Year in 1994! 1993:  A year to remember for VISITS :            plan the spring - from Barb de Sousa and Lois Kitto with memories of st years together and news from Brazil.           Also the Four McCain Kids got together for a mass birthday celebration (for the boys).  The first time we were all together in the same place for thirty years!

          Summer time and WEDDINGS!           One in New York - elaborate, beautiful, wonderful in every way! Oldest grandson, Erik Webb and Laurel Britt.  One in Oshkosh, niece Betsy McCain and Brett Schroeder, on a cruiser in Lake Winnebago, simple, beautiful, unique and equally wonderful.  

           MORE VISITS            While I was trekking around the country granddaughter Raina Harris entertained her 15 year old brother and two other teen-age cousins, Shawna and Paula Webb.  Somehow everything looked fined when I returned home.             FALL and EMERGENCIES             Bruce suffered a rather severe health setback in Sept, and could no longer manage to live independently.  I made several trips to Milwaukee, inconclusive visits to various specialists and finally - his decision - moved him to River Falls, reluctantly leaving behind the friends and associations made over 15 years.  Bruce is now living at 119 E. Union 81 #310, River Falls, WI 54022 in his own apartment with assistance in meals, housekeeping, etc.  The management provides some communal activities, and he is happy with the arrangement.  He has physical, speech and occupational therapy at the local hospital, and some hopeful predictions on his eye problems.  He’s renewing old friendships here R.F.             MEANWHILE: - - -             - As a result of a routine exam I found myself unhappily in the hospital in Nov. having a radical mastectomy from which I am still slowly but surely recovering, with a good prognosis.  If I am slow to respond to all your good wishes for my 80th birthday please understand.  This was definitely not in the game plan!  In fact it wasn’t even in plan B or C.              THANKSGIVING              Erik, Laurel and Kevin drove up from Chicago - Merry was here for a week helping me recuperate.  I played “lady” while they all did up Thanksgiving dinner in style.  With Bruce and Raina who is now a busy freshman at UW-RF,  also here we spread the festive board.                             Sometime in Nov. also son Doug and Sissa came home one day to find their hillside home broken into and everything moveable (except  large furniture items) stolen. All gone!; jewelry, clothing, appliances, dishes, silver, towels, bedding, kids toys - - - - 

              The thieves left some clues and a few items have been recovered, but not the most cherished things. 

              Merry learned while she was here that her daughter crashed the family car, and I learned that my oldest brother had a heart attack and spent a week in the hospital.  He’s recovering nicely now and plans to spend some time in Florida as is their custom.

              Things are looking bright for a good year in 1994.  I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and friendship I’ve experienced this year.   

               Wishing you all the best of times, the love of family and friends, and God’s richest blessings in the year ahead.  

                                                   Betty Harris P.S AND AGAIN!         My thanks for so many expressions of your love and friendship this year. 

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